UTCCF Winter Retreat 2016

Hi there! 
We are the UT Chinese Christian Fellowship.

We're a group of friends at the University of Toronto St. George Campus who are interested in pursuing Jesus Christ and learning more about Him through Bible study and fellowship.


CCF this week

Aww.. It looks like there's nothing going on this week    :(

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Orientation Night

CCF will be having orientation night on Friday Sept. 16th!!
Come find out more about CCF and its wonderful ministries!

Time: Sept. 16th, 6:00pm - 8:30pm
Location: OISE 5280

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Our Ministries


Freezer is a place that seeks to provide a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere for newcomers and first years to get to know each other and investigate the Christian faith together. Through a range of activities that include Bible studies, the annual first years vs. upper years dodgeball competition, and guys and girls nights, we hope to create a supportive community where long lasting relationships can be built. So come out and chill with us! We can't wait to meet all of you this coming school year and we hope that Freezer will help you find your place in the CCF family!

Men's Group

Men’s group will be a place for men to be a team lead by our wonderful coach, Christ. Though we all have our own role to play, they’re all part of our coach’s master playbook. Let’s discover together how to be led by God, but yet also learn to be responsible leaders in our own lives and to things that matter to us.

Women's Group

Our female identity brings us together and allows women's group to be a comfortable space where brokenness and transparency can take place. This year, through continuous sharing and praying, we explore how God has created us like jars of clay that is vulnerable but beautiful.

Musical Worship

Worship ministry aims to bring glory to God by exploring how and why we worship Him. This year, we desire to focus primarily on knowing God through learning how to live lives of worship, whether it be through music, prayer, or sharing. We hope that worship min can be a place of transparency and comfort, where people can come find rest and joy in Christ.


Sports ministry provides a space for the members of CCF to engage with a smaller community where we can fellowship and grow through playing sports. By focusing on the themes of rest and unity, we want to encourage everyone to take a break from academics and focus on maintaining healthy lifestyles. It is our hope to have everyone come to appreciate as well as utilize the body and gifts that God has given us. We are also striving to make it more welcoming by incorporating more inclusive activities that everyone is able to participate in.


Prayer ministry seeks to depend on the Word and the Spirit to offer sincere prayers to God and with one another. We pray for God to reveal himself and his love in our lives. God has given us the gift of prayer. Come to prayer ministry and we can explore that together!


Hospitality Ministry’s goal is to build up and foster a warm, welcoming community who love and serve one another just as Christ did for us. In this upcoming year, we plan to implement this objective through collaborating IGs, organizing a system to welcome newcomers, and leading activities during large group to create tighter connections within the fellowship.

Our Interest Groups


VitaMin is an interest group that looks to extend the bible studies that take place during large group in order to strengthen our faith and become more like Jesus. By creating an open environment to focus and freely discuss the manuscripts, we hope to cultivate a desire to grow closer to God and build a passion for studying the bible. VitaMin will be a SUPPLEMENT to your CCF experience and increase your DAILY DOSAGE of the Bread.


Dancing is a way to fellowship with one another and a chance for us to do something that we all enjoy. Through occasional dance sessions, we hope to create a community that will welcome everyone to participate, and to utilize what God has given to us.

If you'd like to get in touch with any of our ministry or interest group leaders, send us an email at hello@utccf.com and we'll put you in touch with the right person.

The Leadership

The UTCCF executive committee is a group of CCF'ers who have volunteered their time and effort to serve the fellowship. They work closely with the small group and ministry leaders, and coordinate and provide direction for UTCCF. The committee is elected annually after a thorough self-reflection and visioning process, set out in detail in our [ constitution ].

Although the committee is responsible for coordinating the fellowship, the whole CCF community is involved in running UTCCF.

Here's a little introduction to this year's committee:

Michael Wong

Michael Nicodemus “GG” Wong is a fifth year comp sci/act sci student. As the chair, he is charged with overseeing the general affairs of the fellowship. Beneath his timid personality lies a heart of gold that yearns for God’s kingdom to come. In his spare time, you can find Michael passing Actuarial Exams for fun, wrecking newbs in Ultimate Frisbee, and letting out long gusts of *sighs* when his committee and the affairs of the fellowship are stressing him out.

Dominic Tong

Dominic “Star Slayer” Tong is a fourth year psychology student, serving as the vice president this year at CCF. He often calls himself a pun master and you will usually find people around him filled with laughter (or confusion). Other than making puns, he spends most of his time either reading scholarly articles (just for the drama) or cuddling with his cat “Tong Yuen” (湯圓). He also has an extreme passion towards mayonnaise and you will sometimes see him eating mayo out of a jar with a spoon.

Lauren Chee

Lauren Chee is a fourth year Engineering student that is currently doing her PEY and serving as our Worship coordinator. Her musical talents can only be matched by her superhuman athletic abilities. Other than being the rare breed in a mainly male program, she specializes in performing simultaneous movements with her ligaments, which she claims to be “dance moves”. She will always keep you on your toes with her 9001 different facial expressions.

Ted Jia

Ted is a sophisticated, always happy, solid man of God. He's in his 4/5th year of electronic child engineering, and is the male devotional leader for the year. He enjoys bible studies, especially on passages that discuss taxation (one of his favourite hobbies). He also enjoys long dinners at baton rouge, and romantic evenings filled with soldering.

Ambrose Ng

Ambrose is a fifth year civil engineering student as our social coordinator this year. He’s a diehard Toronto Raptors fan so outside of classroom, you will find him either watching, playing or talking about basketball. Oh, he also attempts to cook and he (tries to) plate his food nice and clean for the insta, where he calls himself chef brosebrose @brosebrose94.

Jesse Tan

The outreach coordinator for this year is Jesse Tan, a 4th year student studying sociology, criminology and history. Jesse is the CCF big brother, always looking out for his brothers and sisters. His heart for outreach and his desire to praise God is always inspiring. In his free time, Jesse enjoys long walks on the beach with the CCF big sister, Charlotte Lai, as well as scaring away first years as he roars his signature "YEEEEE BUDDY".

Charlotte Lai

Charlotte Lai is a 4th year Psychology student and this year's Secretary/Treasurer. When she's not busy going on super insta-worthy date nights, she can be found in her research lab, hustling for room bookings and club funding, or playing softball. Win her over with proper indentation and by sticking to the predefined colour code. Dang gurl where can I find a woman like that?

Charlotte Hung

Charlotte “chrizzle” Hung is a third-year life science student who is serving as Female Devotional Leader this year. She can be found in hipster coffee shops, outdoors with nature, or diving in the waters. In order to encounter her, one can attend Women’s Ministry, or lure her into your presence with bananas ice cream.

Contact Us

We'd love to talk to you. Join our Facebook group or shoot us an email. We also hold office hours every week, at our clubhouse office.

Office Hours

If you ever need a chat or want some company, come visit us at the CCF office during our office hours!
The UTCCF office is located at 411-21 Sussex Ave., right behind Robarts library.

Office Hours:
Wednesday 11:00pm to 2:00pm