UTCCF Winter Retreat 2015

Hi there! 
We are the UT Chinese Christian Fellowship.

We're a group of friends at the University of Toronto St. George Campus who are interested in pursuing Jesus Christ and learning more about Him through Bible study and fellowship.


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CCF will resume later this summer.

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Our Ministries


Freezer is a place where first years and those new to the fellowship can meet each other and grow together in Christ. There are weekly meetings where anything from Bible study to movie night to baking occurs. CCF is a big place but freezer is one place where first years can make friendships that will make it feel more like home.

Men's Group

Men's group is a space where the men of CCF can be real with who and where God is calling them to be, together. We will explore what it means to be a man of God biblically, personally, and in community.

Women's Group

Women’s ministry is about intelligent women pursuing God in faithful community. We believe that God invites everyone into his kingdom, and calls everyone to his restoration. We will explore together what this means for us in our daily decision-making, our identity constructions and our life pursuits through scripture, sharing, and critical engagement with ourselves, each other and the world.


Arts Ministry looks to love the community and culture of this city. We hope to understand art within the context of Christianity and vice versa. We will be going to exhibitions, exploring different mediums and have social outings.

Musical Worship

Worship ministry seeks to offer a space of powerful praise and strong fellowship. We strive to learn what it means to be true worshippers of the Lord, even amidst trials and uncertainties.


Sports Ministry is a place to learn, experience, and share the Gospel. By living out the Gospel, we hope to proclaim His love to those that share our common interest in sports. By integrating the Gospel into sports, we hope to bolster each other’s faith in Christ.


Outreach ministry provides an opportunity for our fellowship to share God’s love and proclaim the Gospel through serving the communities around us. This year we will be continuing our services with the afterschool program at St. Felix Community Centre, and also be experimenting with a new outreach initiative each month. Additionally, we start the month off with a bible study focusing on a theme of outreach, and end the month with a time of sharing, reflection, prayer, and encouragement.


Prayer ministry is where we discover and learn the reality and power of God through prayer. We pray to renew our lives by the gospel and for God to reveal himself and his love to the people in our lives, the campus and the city.

Christian Literature

Christian Literature Ministry is a space where we study Scriptural truths in non-Scriptural texts. We gather together to discuss the texts as well as any other questions we may have about Christianity. In doing this we hope to gain new insight and perspective into God’s Word. We encourage all to come; you do not need to be a book buff.

If you'd like to get in touch with any of our ministry leaders, send us an email at hello@utccf.com and we'll put you in touch with the right person.

The Leadership

The UTCCF executive committee is a group of CCF'ers who have volunteered their time and effort to serve the fellowship. They work closely with the small group and ministry leaders, and coordinate and provide direction for UTCCF. The committee is elected annually after a thorough self-reflection and visioning process, set out in detail in our [ constitution ].

Although the committee is responsible for coordinating the fellowship, the whole CCF community is involved in running UTCCF.

Here's a little introduction to this year's committee:

Richard Kwan

Richard is a fifth year (fourth plus PEY) chemical engineering student. He has a conviction of carrying and supporting the entire fellowship with his boulder shoulders. You can only earn his respect if you can beat him 1v1 in basketball.

Dawn Chow

Dawn is a fourth year. Her two main areas of study are words and people-watching. Stories, tea, fruits, and pie are her thing. She is a jack-of-all-trades, a trait required to fill in the gaps left by committee, and makes sure that the leaders of the fellowship are well-fed and happy. You will win a shout-out if you can make eye contact with her on campus.

Evaine Chan

Evaine is a fourth year linguistics and neuroscience student. When she is not at school, she is either listening to kpop or watching Korean dramas. As large group coordinator, Evaine is the main representative of the fellowship every Friday night, and makes sure everything goes smoothly. And no, she's not 12 years old.

Jeffrey Lam

Jeffrey is a third year psychology and neuroscience student. As part of his third year’s resolution, he is working towards being the manliest man for all of CCF. Jeff is widely known for having a bottomless pit-like stomach for dessert. Take him out to a buffet and see for yourselves.

Simeon Wong

Simeon is a fourth year biomedical systems engineering student, who really likes his froyo and pumpkin spice lattes. As social coordinator, Simeon makes sure that everyone at UTCCF feels warm and fuzzy inside, and plans external events including Fall and Winter retreats. On off-days, he can be found homeworking (yes, really!), coding, or doing nerdy sciency stuff.

Jesse Tan

Jesse Tan is a second year sociology student and a lover of all things matcha. He is the outreach coordinator for the fellowship and helps members find opportunities to share the Gospel. In his free time, you can find him playing with his dog, trying to out-deadlift Richard in the gym, or catching up on the latest manga, and other Asian stuff.

Aaron Shi

Aaron is a third year electrical and computer engineering student. He has a new found interest for karaoke and singing songs. His passion for organization and managing finances allows him to be the most thorough secretary/treasurer. During his free time, he enjoys watching Action or Comedy movies, animes, and TV shows.

Contact Us

We'd love to talk to you. Join our Facebook group or shoot us an email. We also hold office hours every week, at our clubhouse office.

Office Hours

The UTCCF office is located at 411-21 Sussex Ave., right behind Robarts library.

No Office Hours. The academic year has ended.