UTCCF Winter Retreat 2015

Hi there! 
We are the UT Chinese Christian Fellowship.

We're a group of friends at the University of Toronto St. George Campus who are interested in pursuing Jesus Christ and learning more about Him through Bible study and fellowship.


CCF this week

Aww.. It looks like there's nothing going on this week    :(

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No CCF in the summer!

CCF has officially ended! :(
However, there will be summer CCF!!
Details to come :)

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Our Ministries


Freezer seeks to create a space for first years and newcomers to meet and discover the faith together. Through weekly meetings, we hope that first years can make intimate friendships and find a home within CCF.

Men's Group

Men’s will be a place where the individual can learn to love themselves and accept love from others. When a group of individuals loves deeply despite each other’s shortcomings, Christ has room to heal, grow, and take over. Running on a cyclical structure, Men’s will be designating weeks solely for the exploration of “loving yourself”, “loving others”, and more practical elements.

Women's Group

Women's is a space where we'll explore what it means to be loved by Christ, and how that bleeds into loving yourself and loving others. The bond that exists between women is something special, so please come out, and let’s grow in Christ together!

Musical Worship

Worship ministry aims to bring glory to God by leading and exploring the motivations behind worship. We believe musical worship is one of the best means that prepares our hearts to fellowship with each other and the Holy Spirit. We hope that worship min. can be a place where CCFer’s can develop a deeper understanding of worship and understand how worship can be applied to all aspects of our lives.


The core vision of sports ministry is to utilize sports to help foster deeper fellowship amongst the members of UTCCF and also to use sports as a medium to reach out to people who are not in our community. Sports ministry provides a space for the members of CCF to engage with a smaller community where we can fellowship and grow through playing sports. We welcome all committed and passionate brothers and sisters who want to play sports and have fun in the process.


Prayer ministry is where we discover and learn the reality and power of God through prayer. We pray to renew our lives by the gospel and for God to reveal himself and his love to the people in our lives, the campus and the city.


Hospitality Ministry will always be there to welcome you home.

Our Interest Groups


VitaMin is a group that seeks to know, listen, and learn to be more like Jesus through the Bible. We provide a space for members to freely discuss manuscripts in further detail and disciple through the Word. VitaMin will be a SUPPLEMENT to your CCF experience and increase your DAILY DOSAGE of the Bread.


Dance ministry is exactly what it sounds like. Its nothing too deep or spiritual. But it IS an EXCUSE to fellowship. We'll be using dance min as another reason to be in each others company while exploring creative movement together.

If you'd like to get in touch with any of our ministry or interest group leaders, send us an email at hello@utccf.com and we'll put you in touch with the right person.

The Leadership

The UTCCF executive committee is a group of CCF'ers who have volunteered their time and effort to serve the fellowship. They work closely with the small group and ministry leaders, and coordinate and provide direction for UTCCF. The committee is elected annually after a thorough self-reflection and visioning process, set out in detail in our [ constitution ].

Although the committee is responsible for coordinating the fellowship, the whole CCF community is involved in running UTCCF.

Here's a little introduction to this year's committee:

Benjamin Chong

Ben Chong is a fourth year chemical engineering student. As the chair, he is responsible for overseeing the general affairs of the fellowship. Upon first glance he seems like a wholesome guy who has a big smile, is musically talented and volunteers at a soup kitchen. After digging into his past, you'll discover his rebellious haircut and worm eating experiences. When you talk to him, prepare to be confused by Singaporean phrases.

Michael Wong

Michael Nicodemus "GG" Wong is a fourth year comp sci/act sci student currently in his PEY year. As the vice chair, he sees to the wellbeing of the leadership and ensures that our president doesn’t lose his head. He can be found roaming the halls of campus shaking his head at the unworthy and repressing his excitement for boardgames.

Emmanuel Tsang

Emmanuel "the Wildcard" Tsang is a third year architecture student. His main interests include an unhealthy obsession with all things Batman and fawning over sub-par superhero tv shows. As the large group coordinator, Emmanuel stands as the backbone of our fellowship, both mapping out the journey of the night and ensuring that everyone is comfortable.

Ivanne Cheng

Ivanne Cheng is a fourth year architecture student, taking on the role of Male Devotional Leader this year. Ivanne can often be found playing Smash (for hours), watching Game of Thrones, or singing offhandedly to himself. He has a startlingly sharp yelp, which he releases often (much to the surprise of those around him).

Andrew Keung

Andrew is a man of many hats, most of them artsy fartsy. He is both connoisseur and creator in topics such as photography, architecture, design, painting, illustration, and Kyary fandom. He can be identified as the epicentre of gasping people as they admire his work. Thankfully, Andrew also likes people (such as Jesus), and is serving as our Social Coordinator this year.

Hillary Ma

Hillary Ma is a fourth year accounting student serving as our outreach coordinator this year. Her hobbies include eating, watching food videos, squealing over dessert, and saving money. She is skilled in the art of finding on sale items, so approach her for free tips! She is also a widely renowned pun MAster, although honestly, except for the rare occasion, her puns are mediocre.

Joanne Gui

Joanne Gui is in fourth year life science, majoring in animal physiology. She's an animal lover (If you haven't guessed yet) and also one herself (Animal I mean), and her guilty pleasure is all things free. To score points with this lioness, one can offer to buy small soggy McDonald's fries (She might share with you!) or by sharing danky animal pics. Offering her talents in organization (perhaps also cheapness), she is the secretary treasurer of UTCCF.

Elizabeth Ching

Elizabeth Ching is a fourth year humanities student from Vic, recognizable by her piercingly high voice. She loves reading (Harry Potter), eating (cookies), and laughing (so loudly, she’s often told off for it). She’s our Female Devotional Leader this year — a position she holds close to her heart. Come hither, ye females.

Contact Us

We'd love to talk to you. Join our Facebook group or shoot us an email. We also hold office hours every week, at our clubhouse office.

Office Hours

If you ever need a chat or want some company, come visit us at the CCF office during our office hours!
The UTCCF office is located at 411-21 Sussex Ave., right behind Robarts library.

Office Hours:
No office hours during the summer :/